Our team will develop a bespoke and most efficient plan to help you promote your goods or services in the UK, Scotland and Spain. We aim for long-term mutually beneficial co-operation, therefore we take your business very seriously and invest ourselves in helping you. Matryoshka Radio maintains partner relations with Russian-language print publications in the UK such as Kommersant UK, Anglia, Russian Mind, Rutage, Russian Gap and others. We can offer you comprehensive multi-platform advertising and promotion covering all Russian-language media.

If required, we are happy to come up with a trademark slogan and an audio logo for your business which can become your calling card and be used in other media outlets, on social networks or on your company answerphone. With Matryoshka you are bound to be heard – now on the British Isles.

However, if your potential clients are in Russia or Kazakhstan, Matryoshka Radio can still work for you: we have the wherewithal to develop and run your advertising campaigns on the some of the best outlets and networks there and not just in the capitals but across the biggest cities in those countries.

We’d be pleased to share with you our 20 years of experience in the radio advertising business.

Do get in touch via the feedback form on our website or call us to talk about how we can work together.


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